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See who’s coming and going, create or modify reservations, and check guests in or out with just a few clicks.

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The world’s most trusted hotel management software

Used by more small, independent properties than any other provider globally.

Backed by SiteMinder technology – processing over 100 million reservations a year.

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4.5 stars


4.5 stars

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Frequently asked questions

What is motel management software?

Motel management software like Little Hotelier, is a cloud-based tool that allows you to easily manage the daily operations of your motel online.

What are the benefits of motel management software?

Motel management software eliminates much of the hard work that comes with running your property day-to-day. You’ll be able to attract more guests, manage everything from check-in to check-out, as well as keep all your records accurate and up-to-date.

What does motel management software include?

Features of motel management software include a front desk system, channel manager, and booking engine that all work together to run your business. With Little Hotelier, you also have the option to access a website builder, payment functions, reporting and insights, and a mobile app.

Is motel management software software easy to use?

One of the key drawcards of motel management software like Little Hotelier, is how easy it is to use, and how quickly you can get started. Your provider will help and support you along the way, making sure your business isn’t disrupted as you get setup. Once up and running, you’ll never want to look back.

How does motel management software work?

Motel management software such as Little Hotelier, runs on the cloud, simply needing an internet connection to work on any device such as your desktop, laptop, or smartphone. Features such as the front desk, channel manager, and booking engine will communicate with each other to ensure information is correct and updating automatically anytime you want to make changes.

Little Hotelier makes it easy for every motel to succeed.

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