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Plymouth House

Plymouth House upgrades their online reservation process with Little Hotelier

Plymouth House is a family-run inn with 5 rooms, set in a Victorian home near 200 wineries in the beautiful Amador
Country Wine Region. The suites and rooms have differing features – private patios, fireplaces, and ensuite bathrooms.

As the wine country attracts a stream of both domestic and international guests, Plymouth House enjoys being the
go-to inn for those celebrating anniversaries, reunions or for those who are there purely to savour the fine wine.

I love the customer service. When you find a company like Little Hotelier, you feel safe.

The Challenge

Each day, Owner-Operator Sandra Sanders runs the inn with her son Alec, splitting up the chores of cleaning, laundry, yard work, shopping, and maintenance. They soon realised that the way they were accepting bookings was taking up too much of their valuable time, which could be spent on delighting guests with their impeccable service.

“I did not have an online booking capability, so I had a questionnaire form that people could fill out and send back to me. I would have to answer as quickly as possible regarding availability. I kept a binder with a spreadsheet of each month, rooms, and occupancy. It was a lot of work!”

The Solution

Sandra knew that she needed a reservation system in place to help her make the booking process more efficient –
for her, and her guests.

“I wanted to see if I could offer my guests another way to book reservations. We are all on-the-go these days, and some of us don’t want to wait for the innkeeper to return the call. By having a system, my guests can book right now and know where they are going and where they will stay. That’s really why I decided I needed to get with the times and offer online booking. We still get calls and I take the reservations like before, and that won’t change for some people, but why not offer both!”

Sandra’s web designer referred her to Little Hotelier, and after seeing how easy it was to use, Sandra made up her mind.

“It seemed easy and I wanted to try it. I’m happy I did!”

Implementing the system was also a smooth process.

“All you do is sign up. The people working at Little Hotelier become your friend, and they’ve treated me like family. Anything I needed clarification on was personalised to me, and they didn’t transfer me to anyone – they took care of it. I love the customer service. When you find a company like Little Hotelier, you feel safe.”

The Results

With Little Hotelier, Plymouth House is able to offer an easy way for guests to book their stays, and Sandra doesn’t have to spend time going back and forth to accept a reservation.

“Little Hotelier has changed my life! It’s like having an invisible office manager. It’s changed the way people make reservations with me. If they are up at midnight, they find my reservation page and decide when they want to come and reserve the rooms right then. I don’t even do a thing until my iPhone dings and boom the reservation is there, complete with the credit card hidden link. It’s neat, it’s organized and besides that, the confirmation is prepared ahead of time in template form and it gets sent out for me! Just like that! I love Little Hotelier! It can’t be easier to learn.”

Sandra also loves the post-stay email that can be customised and sent after each guest’s stay.

“After your guests leave, you get to set up another letter that you arrange to be automatically sent to the departed guests thanking them for coming and how much you enjoyed having them. At that time is when I ask them to leave a favourable remark on TripAdvisor for me.”

Sandra also appreciates how the solution is affordable for small businesses like hers.

“I really thought I would have to give up the rent of several rooms a month to pay for a reservation program. I was mistaken! There are no commissions at all. I love it!.”

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