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Noosa Valley Manor

Award-winning bed and breakfast becomes more efficient with an all-in-one business solution

Noosa Valley Manor B&B sits on the coast of beautiful Noosa, which boasts sandy beaches and stunning scenery. The manor consists of 4 ensuite bedrooms and a private bridal suite for boutique weddings. As such, the property
attracts many couples seeking a romantic getaway – either to spend the weekend or to celebrate their union.

Guests are treated to farm-to-table breakfasts on antique porcelain cutlery, and friendly, personalised service. It’s no wonder that it’s an award winning bed and breakfast, landing in the top 1% of B&Bs in Australia.

Little Hotelier is efficient, it’s real-time, and it shows me what I need to know about reservations so I can look at the coming week and be totally prepared.

The Challenge

Owner-Operators Renate and Roberto Bowden spend their days managing the property and catering to guests – and while guests always left satisfied, Renate felt that their manual booking processes were standing in the way of providing impeccable service.

“Our previous booking process was confusing and unreliable. There was more room for error and sometimes, rooms could be double booked. It is really important that guests remain happy from the booking process
through to departure and beyond. A double booking is an uncomfortable error & I would have to negotiate carefully when mistakes were made.”

Renate knew that she needed an automated solution in place to prevent double bookings from recurring.

“You have to have an efficient system to run an efficient business and particularly if you put yourself online because guests are sometimes not very understanding if you make a mistake.”

The Solution

She began looking for a system to manage all of her online bookings efficiently.

“I wanted something simple, efficient, and accurate. Simplicity was key, so that someone who was unfamiliar with working with a system could access it and use it easily”

Renate’s web manager recommended Little Hotelier, and she took a free trial. After testing the system herself, Renate was certain that Little Hotelier was the best solution for Noosa Valley Manor B&B.

“Little Hotelier is an efficient, easy-to-operate system that manages my reservations from my website and other channels. The simplicity of it is great.”

The Results

With Little Hotelier, Noosa Valley Manor B&B is able to run efficiently – freeing up Renate and Roberto’s time so that they can focus on delighting their guests instead of dealing with tedious admin work.

“Now, we have more time to contact past guests – to ask for reviews, offer special deals for booking direct, and welcome them back.”

Double bookings are also a thing of the past.

“We love the fact that you can’t really double book a room with Little Hotelier.”

As a result of their ability to focus on marketing their business and servicing their guests, Noosa Valley Manor B&B has seen an increase in direct online bookings.

“Now, most of our guests book direct, and when we ask our guests how they found us, most of them say through Google and TripAdvisor.”

Renate is able to keep Noosa Valley Manor B&B organised thanks to Little Hotelier.

She is so happy with Little Hotelier that she would gladly recommend it to other small accommodation providers.

“I would definitely recommend Little Hotelier. It saves me a lot of work and definitely gives me value for money.”

Renate appreciates the staff at Little Hotelier for helping her with all of her queries.

“What I like most about Little Hotelier is the staff. They’re always so helpful!”

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