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Canadian wilderness B&B increases profit 30%

Ocean Wilderness Inn offers guest’s a unique and authentic natural experience

On the southwest coast of Vancouver Island, Canada, travellers discover themselves surrounded by a wild natural beauty that has been virtually untouched by humans. In the midst of this majestic corner of the world is the Ocean Wilderness Inn, a B&B that owner, Karen Fogg-Fonger, has been operating for 25 years.

Guests who stay at this property leave feeling energised and refreshed after retreating from an ever-connected world to immerse themselves in nature; soaking up views of the temperate rain forest or the ocean waves that crash upon the shore. Some guests have even watched Orca whales breaching, from the comfort of their room.

Karen loves welcoming visitors from around the world, taking great pride in offering each guest a unique and authentic experience in one of the six rooms that are available at the inn. Kindness and commitment is something Karen prides herself on,  improving every aspect of a guest’s stay.

Despite being isolated Ocean Wilderness Inn connects to a world of bookings

The Ocean Wilderness Inn may be isolated from the rest of the world on Vancouver Island, but it’s needs are no different than those of other B&Bs around the world.

Karen knew she needed the right technology to continue to providing her guests with the amazing experience they’ve come to expect, while also increasing global reach, bookings and revenue. It only took a quick online search for Karen to discover that Little Hotelier was the solution to overcome the challenges her B&B faced

Within a week, Little Hotelier’s channel manager and online booking engine were set up; a transformative moment as Karen was now able to accept bookings from a variety of different agents without worrying about the hassle of manually inputting those bookings. The online booking engine was driving direct bookings which created a significant increase in revenue.

“Little Hotelier technology greatly improved the guests’ experience by enhancing the ability to book any time from any type of device, either directly or through many popular channels,” explained Karen.

Investing in technology designed specifically for B&Bs has allowed Ocean Wilderness Inn to offer many more guests, across a variety of demographics, the magic and wonder that is this majestic corner of Canada.

Bookings continue to roll in for this B&B situated in a unique corner of the world

It didn’t take long at all to see real results. Since implementing Little Hotelier’s online booking engine and channel manager:

Direct bookings have risen by a 25% and profits increased by 30%, Karen disclosed.

Noting the dramatic impact that Little Hotelier has had on business at her B&B, Karen said that she will gladly recommend this technology to other B&B owners and operators.

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"Working with Little Hotelier has greatly improved our ability to manage our business, increase our bookings, achieve better profitability and it has freed us up to other things that are helping to improve customer satisfaction," says Karen Fogg-Fonger, Canadian B&B owner.

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