Travel Industry Refresher: Is Your B&B Keeping Up With The Trends?

Travel industry trends for B&Bs

Keeping on top of industry trends is a innovative way for B&Bs to retain high occupancy rates.

Forbes business magazine has recently detailed five top travel trends for 2017. Here’s how you can use technology to capitalize on its conclusions and give your B&B a competitive advantage…

1. The Increase Of ‘Bleisure’ Travel

‘Bleisure’ fittingly means the fusion of business and leisure and describes how companies are permitting the integration of personal and business travel.

Employees are being given more freedom to extend business travel, or bring their family with them, so they can enjoy their down time with loved ones rather than travelling in isolation.

Reaching this market can be very beneficial to B&B occupancy rates because business travel is seven days a week rather than weekends only. Connecting to a global distribution system will allow your B&B to connect with a network of travel agency professions and increases ‘Bleisure’ bookings.

Remember, convenience is key so be sure your B&B offers the following:

  • A user friendly direct booking process  
  • High speed free Wifi
  • Airport pick-up/drop-off service
  • In room facilities; desk, chair, hair dryer, ironing facilities, full length mirror. 

2. The Rise Of Local Travel And The Pursuit Of Culture Saturated Destinations

Over 80% of millennials seek unique travel experiences and believe the way to be enriched by a place is to live like the locals do. They are constantly seeking their next momentous and personal journey but don’t have the funds for extravagant trips.

This means more travellers are seeking cool, unique and affordable destinations closer-to-home to learn new things and broaden their understanding of the world, rather than just visiting tourist attractions.

Advertising hidden local adventures through your online content is a great way to attract these explorers.

3. The Traveller Is Becoming Their Own Travel Agent

It takes more time and energy these days to visit a travel agent and explain your big travel plans than simply typing your imaginings into a search engine.

A recent study found only 6.25% of those surveyed would go to travel agencies to book their flights. Travellers are doing it for themselves and this means it is essential to market through OTAs and Metasearch engines and possess an attractive, discoverable website!

4. Ecotourism

People are becoming far more aware of their global footprint when travelling so advertising as low impact and sustainable will give you a much higher rating during the traveller’s decision process.

If you can, replace any energy-sapping appliances. If this isn’t in the budget then try introducing and celebrating a B&B recycling program, or go paperless by digitalising your data and communications with a property management system.

5. Solo Travel

This trend is particularly increasing in women. Technology has made traveling as a solo female much safer and more appealing.

Nothing screams loneliness like staying alone at a disconnected hotel chain; as a smaller accommodation provider you will be a far more attractive option for these lone wolves.

Here are some tips for attracting solo travelers:

  • Make them comfortable to book with you by using social media and your website to post pictures of previous solo guests enjoying their stay
  • Advertise communal rooms, activities or ‘family’ meals
  • Organise and promote singles events

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