Enhancing the Guest Experience with Small Hotel Technology

Technology for your small hotel is not only necessary to help you grow your business, but it’s critical to your guests’ overall experience.

When you implement the right type of technology in the perfect places during the entirety of the guest experience, you will find that your satisfaction ratings will soar.

Here’s a few ways that you can enhance the guest experience with small hotel technology:

Before the stay

Connect with your guests before they ever arrive at your property by sending pre-stay emails. The first email that your guests should receive after booking directly online is an automatic confirmation email.

This gives your guests the confidence they need to know that their reservation is complete and that you are managing your inventory appropriately.

Beyond the confirmation email, you can continue to stay in touch with your guests prior to their arrival. You may want to consider sending them an email with a list of things to do in the area, or with a packing list of appropriate items that they might need during their trip.

These pre-stay emails keep you in constant communication with your guests, and help them to feel welcome before they even arrive.

During the Stay

Encourage your guests to interact with you on social media during their stay. If you have a beautiful garden complete with a fountain, they are likely to snap a quick photo of it.

Be sure that you have an established hashtag that they can use in order to tag your property and promote it to their friends and family members.

You also can use social media in order to generate buzz about your hotel while your guests are staying at your property.

The Old Clare Hotel in the Chippendale neighborhood of Sydney is a recently revived boutique hotel that is using social media in order to make their guests’ stays exciting and inviting. They schedule pop-up markets and pool parties at their property, and blast the information out on social media!

After the stay

You shouldn’t forget about your guests after they check out and head back home. After they have completed their stay, be sure to send them an exit survey in order to get feedback about their experience.

The survey should be short, consisting of between 3-5 questions and taking less than 10 minutes to complete.

Send it within 1-3 days of your guests’ departure. When you receive the results, consider the positive and negative feedback that you receive from the survey.

Use this valuable data in order to make the appropriate changes and improve the overall guest experience at your bed and breakfast.

When you invest in technology that is specifically designed for small hotels, like motels and bed and breakfasts, you will find that it’s easy to naturally incorporate it into the overall guest experience. Little Hotelier is the only all-in-one business solution designed specifically for small hotel operators, and it is created with both you and your guests in mind. To find out more information about how Little Hotelier can enhance the guest experience at your property, watch a free demo today.

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