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How to Play Golf, Renovate and Still Drive Occupancy at Your Small Hotel

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Do you want to be out playing golf, renovating, or taking your kids to the park – all without sacrificing the level of service you provide to your guests? Nor your revenue?

Well, you can. All you need is an all-in-one PMS system for small hotels.

Here’s why an all-in-one booking and accommodation management system means you can get out more.

You don’t need to confirm bookings anymore

Let’s face it – it takes you at least five minutes to accept bookings over the phone or via email. In fact, the task can span over days if your guests are contacting you from overseas, in conflicting time zones. The simple act of making a reservation requires you to play a significant amount of phone and email tag to lock the booking in.

With an all-in-one PMS system, it takes exactly zero minutes for you to confirm a booking, because your system does that for you, even while you sleep! You wake up to a whole bunch of new bookings because your customers self-serve through your website when it’s convenient for them.

You don’t need to process payments anymore

Money is always a touchy subject, so you need to be extremely professional in this area. Your customers will expect an easy way to pay you, and an instant receipt confirming their booking. The experience should not be a clunky process.

Your booking engine should seamlessly allow customers to enter their payment details so that they can self-serve.

You don’t need to answer frequently asked questions

At the beginning of their experience with you, your customer needs to be well-informed. They won’t make a booking without a clear idea of what it is you’re offering.

An all-in-one PMS system will let you give them all the information they need to make a decision:

  • A clear description of their room and the amenities
  • Photos and videos
  • Testimonials
  • Availability (in real-time)
  • Map

Bonus points for a separate FAQs page with all the typical inquiries you get over the phone.

You save a lot of time on guest communications

Of course, once a booking is made, you still need to communicate with your guests properly. Otherwise they will wonder if you have forgotten about them – or they may even forget about you!

An all-in-one PMS system will allow you to automate reminder emails, which tell them what to bring, and follow-up emails, which ask for feedback. This gives you a way to get glowing online reviews!

You should also consider sending promotional emails to get them to come back or refer a friend. You can set up promotional codes very easily in all-in-one PMS systems.

You don’t need to update your availability anymore

An all-in-one PMS system that supports your sales channel management will automatically update your inventory across all your booking sites. This means that you don’t need to go through each and every OTA to update availability, and risk double booking your guests, or losing out on missed sales. Instead, you can sit back, relax, and watch the bookings pour in!

Gain more time while you run your property more efficiently. See how Little Hotelier can help you drive occupancy and manage your small hotel like a professional.


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