5 Great Ideas for Pre- and Post-Stay Communication With Your Guests

The guest experience at your hotel is directly related to the customer service that they receive during their stay. By implementing an effective pre- and post-stay communication strategy, you can improve your engagement with your customers while simultaneously enhancing their experience.

Pre-stay communication allows you to establish a relationship with your guest prior to their arrival, while post-stay communication can boost guest loyalty.

Here are 5 great ideas to consider implementing at your hotel

1. Send a customized pre-stay survey to guests who book with you

After a guest books online through your website, you’ll likely send them a confirmation email. In addition to this, considering sending an automatic survey that allows them to select preferences for their upcoming stay.

Survey questions might include whether the guest prefers flannel or linen sheets, or if they would like white or red wine upon arrival. This gives guests an opportunity to personalize their experience and immediately proves that you are concerned with their satisfaction.

2. Text your guests within a day of their arrival

A short, friendly text message is a great way to begin the process of welcoming your guests to your property. The text message also could include valuable information about their stay, such as early check-in preferences or transportation services that they have secured for their arrival.

3. Send an email with information about your mobile app and its capabilities

If your B&B has a mobile app, you will want to give this information to your guests ahead of time. Within a week of arriving, send an email that offers a link to the app. Don’t forget to highlight the features and capabilities of the app, such as mobile check-in or room service order placements.

4. After a guest checks out, send an email thanking them for staying with you and asking for feedback about their experience.

This email should be sent within 24-48 hours of departure. It should begin by thanking guests for staying at your property, and should include links to your TripAdvisor profile, as well as your social media profiles. Encourage guests to leave feedback about their stay, as this helps you establish credibility in the industry but also shows that you care about the guest experience.

5. Send a promo code that can be used for a discount on a future stay

If your guests have had a positive experience, they are likely to book with you again. A promo code may be all the enticement that they need to choose a weekend in the future for their next visit.

Pre-stay communication and post-stay communication prove to your guests you value them and that you are concerned about the guest experience at your property. With the right property management system, you can automate these emails and text messages.

This increases your efficiency and reduces your administrative tasks, while also allowing you to make communication a top priority at your B&B.

For more information on how automated communications can improve the operations at your small hotel, take a look at Little Hotelier today.

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