Millennials and Mobiles: Tap Into the Latest Travel Trend

Millennials are taking the travel industry by storm.

Not only are they getting out there and heading to new destinations in ever-increasing numbers, but they’re also using their smartphones and tablets in order to conduct their research, make their selections and finalize their bookings.

This is the generation that grew up with the Internet, and they love that technology makes their lives more convenient and efficient.

As a small hotel, you’ll need to tap into the mobile travel trend in order to attract this powerful demographic to your property.

What do you need to know about millennial travelers?

Millennial Travelers rely heavily on their mobile devices in order to make their travel arrangements.

According to a report from Millennial Media, 83% of 18- to 34-year-old people use their smartphones and tablets in order to research the various hotels that are available in a destination.

It should also be noted that 67% of those travelers book on their mobile devices. This is a generation that is used to completing their tasks on the go, and they have perfected the art of multi-tasking.

They are likely researching their hotel options while walking from the office to the local cafe on their lunch break. They may make their reservation on the subway ride back to their apartment at the end of the day.

In addition, these travelers are not likely to make their plans in advance. Some research shows that most mobile bookings are made within 24 hours of the actual stay.

What can you do to attract millennials?

The first thing you need to implement is a responsive website design.

This allows your website to adapt to the device that the person is using at the time, giving them the appropriate display and information that they need.

Millennials will ditch a website quickly if it requires them to pinch, zoom and drag around the screen in order to get the information they want.

In addition, your site needs to be fast. If it takes more than a couple seconds to load, they won’t stay on your page.

You also can consider creating a mobile app for your hotel that improves services at your property.

Perhaps allow them to order room service through the app, or create local guides that can only be found on your app.

Millennials love these added features and benefits, and it could convince them to choose your hotel.

What’s next for millennials?

Millennials will begin to look at apps as a requirement rather than an amenity, and it won’t be long before all hotels implement their own apps.

Mobile technology will continue to play an important role as this generation with increasing buying power heads out to explore the world.

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