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How Briars Cottage Maximises Online Bookings and Efficiency With an All-In-One Reservation System

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Located between spa town Daylesford and resort town Hepburn Springs, Briars Cottage is the go-to 2 bedroom cottage to get away from the daily grind, celebrate an anniversary or special birthday, get pampered, or even just relax.

Duncan and Di own and run the property with great success. They take pride in the fact that they are always booked out by couples seeking a romantic weekend or a mid-week escape.

However, success never fell into their laps – they had to work hard to get to where they are today.

Here’s how they did it with an all-in-one reservation system.

Step 1 – Identify the best way to maximise exposure

Duncan and Di were both working full-time, and brand new to the hospitality industry. Their key challenge was how to raise awareness of their cottage with the minimal free time that they had.

How could they spread their time across their full-time jobs, building a reputation for Briars Cottage, and managing all the daily operational tasks that came along with running a holiday rental?

Duncan knew that guests liked to research and book their stays online, so online distribution was the way to go.

Having heard of reservation systems that helped small accommodation providers with these arduous tasks, Duncan immediately started his search for one that would would minimise daily operational tasks while connecting them to as many online distribution channels as possible.

Step 2 – Research possible solutions

Duncan created a short list of requirements that his reservation system needed to fulfill.

Briars Cottage needed a system that would spread word of the property by seamlessly connecting them to multiple online distribution channels. After all, Duncan and Di were already pressed for time – manually updating their availability across multiple sites was out of the question.

In their quest to reduce admin work, Duncan also required that this system manage and automate their online bookings, be of low maintenance, and be something that they could ‘set and forget’.

Duncan began trialling possible solutions.

Step 3 – Make the final decision

Unfortunately, the first reservation system he tried did not meet his needs. He felt that it could not connect him to enough online distribution channels to effectively promote his property online.

Duncan then found Little Hotelier’s all-in-one reservation and front desk system, and felt that it was the technology Briars Cottage needed to get off to a good start.

Due to its nature as an all-in-one solution, Little Hotelier would not only make them more efficient, but it would also amplify Briars Cottage’s online reach through its integration with over 250 online distribution channels.

The Results

By implementing Little Hotelier, Duncan and Di can confidently renting out their rooms through as many channels as possible, without any risk of overbooking.

“We don’t have to worry about updating reservations from our OTAs manually. Little Hotelier talks to all our Channels.”

Duncan and Di are able to drive online bookings while minimising admin work – freeing up their time to spend elsewhere. In fact, Duncan was able to take care of business whilst on holiday.

“Little Hotelier allowed us to run the whole business in another country, with just an iPad and a mobile phone…”

Little Hotelier has given Duncan the insights needed to reach and maintain Briars Cottage’s success.

“Little Hotelier is my booking engine but also my single source of truth. I couldn’t function without it.”

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