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What is the best channel manager for small hotels?

The demand to sell rooms online through many channels means a channel manager is the go-to solution when small hotels migrate their property management.

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5 helpful tips to master distribution at your B&B

Mastering distribution challenges at your B&B can be a simple task with the right approach. Here are five tips for your property.

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FREE eBook: The All-in-One Solution Explained for B&Bs

Discover the benefits of an all-in-one business solution for your B&B.

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Events Spotlight: How to attract guests to your B&B for the Commonwealth Games

Events like the Commonwealth Games are irregular and present a great opportunity for small hotels to increase their revenue. Start planning at your B&B now.

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The 5 Key Benefits of Adopting an All-in-One Solution at Your Small Hotel

Here are the key benefits you can expect to experience by adopting an all-in-one solution at your small hotel.

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How Do Hotel Booking Engines Fit Into the Bigger Picture?

Modern hotel booking engines integrate with websites, channel managers and front desk systems. Here’s how they work together.

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How A Pub-Hotel Raises Awareness of the ‘Hotel’ Side of the Business

Hear how Mick Comerford, the General Manager of The Mercantile Hotel, raised awareness of the accommodation side of the business – a challenge many pub-hotels struggle with.

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How A Luxury Estate Ramped Up Online Presence With an All-In-One Solution

Find out how this luxury estate improved their online presence with an all-in-one business solution for small properties.

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Are Your B&B’s Systems Perfectly Synchronized?

Here are a few scenarios that highlight the importance of integrating your Bed & Breakfast’s systems with each other.

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How A Luxury Chalet Used Technology to Increase Guest Satisfaction & Bookings

Learn how a luxurious French chalet grows bookings and guest satisfaction with an all-in-one reservation system for small hotels.

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What Technology Do You Need to Run a B&B?

Here are the core pieces of technology that will help you efficiently manage your bed and breakfast business.

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Prairie Guest House Sync Online Bookings & Save Time By Upgrading Their Channel Manager

John & Karen Newton, Owner-Innkeepers of The Prairie Guest House, saved heaps of time by upgrading their channel manager. Here’s their story.

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How Villa Orchard Saves Time & Maintains Over 90% Occupancy With an All-In-One Reservation System

Find out how one bed and breakfast Owner-Operator maintains over 90% occupancy while saving time and money using an all-in-one hotel reservation system.

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How Little Italy of Niagara Falls Boosted Productivity With an All-In-One Front Desk and Reservation System

Here’s how Jordan Churder, Owner-Operator of a Niagara Falls bed and breakfast, won his time back to spend it on more productive tasks.

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What Small Hotels Need to Know About the ‘Pooled Inventory Model’

Here’s what pooled inventory means for your small hotel (and why it’s so valuable).

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