Beech Cottage Bed & Breakfast Takes Control of Online Bookings With an All-In-One Business Solution

At the Independent Hotel Show, we had a chat with one of our valued customers, Jeff Manning from Beech Cottage Bed & Breakfast.

He was happy to share his Little Hotelier experience with us! Have a look at what he has to say in the video below.

Video Transcript

“My name is Jeff Manning, Beech Cottage Bed & Breakfast in Bath. My wife and I have been running the bed and breakfast for 3 years and we were looking to go a bit more independent – get ourselves a website, with a booking engine tied into it, and I discovered [Little Hotelier] by recommendation.”

“We started with a well-known global booking site which has proliferated beyond recognition, and there are now places saturated with accommodation with that site.”

“We then joined one of the leading OTAs at the beginning of last year – and it gave us lots of bookings, but we were finding that we were paying a lot of money in OTA commissions, and so we were looking for a way forward forward from there.”

“We decided to join up with Little Hotelier at the same time as starting our own website. We’ve been live with them for a couple of months and we’ve been very impressed by the smooth functionality and having that core control.”

“We’ve had good support. When we’ve needed to, we’ve sent you an email. When we telephone we usually get through to somebody very quickly, and if we can’t get through immediately, somebody calls us back, so that’s pretty good.”

“We started our business just 3 years ago and we went straight to the online approach. We have never had anybody knock on the door – ‘cold buying’ as it were – so online’s been the only way for us, and we’ve just been refining how we do it.”

“We find [Little Hotelier] extremely effective, we find it’s cost effective, it’s friendly and we’re very pleased with it.”


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