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How to Target Weekend Travelers with Mobile Marketing

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An increasing number of people are placing a higher priority on travel and experiences rather than collecting expensive items and more stuff.

As this cultural shift continues to occur, travel industry businesses are noticing an increase in weekend travelers as well as mobile bookings.

Hotels and tour operators are finding that mobile technology allows them to capture the attention of this powerful target audience, who are interested in spontaneous getaways and weekend trips.

How Does Mobile Technology Impact Weekend Travelers Bookings?

* Mobile marketing strategies often attract travelers who are interested in quick getaways or event-inspired ‘staycations’. There are many travelers who use mobile technology, such as their smartphones and tablets, in order to research upcoming trips.

However, the numbers drop for those who actually book on their devices. For example, 82% of travelers reported that they used their mobile device in order to get more information about hotels in their chosen destination. However, only 67% of travelers reported that they booked a hotel room on their mobile device. Many of the people within that group could have been weekend travelers looking to book a last-minute getaway.

* Targeted mobile ads can provide travelers with the latest information available about deals and incentives at your hotel. Location or geo-targeting is a marketing tactic that can be used when creating mobile advertising campaigns.

For example, you can purchase ads that will show up on the devices of users who are in your vicinity and may be interested in a promotion that you have going on. You could create a promotion that launches on Thursday that rewards people with 30% off regular room rates if they book and visit that same weekend. This is an ideal option for a mobile ad campaign, as many mobile users are interested in booking last-minute deals that allow them to take spontaneous trips.

* A website that is optimised for mobile use will encourage mobile bookings, particularly last-minute bookings made by travelers interested in a last-minute getaway. Ultimately, your hotel is not going to be able to capture last-minute travelers if your website is not optimised for mobile devices.

A responsive web design is critical, and you also must implement an online booking engine with mobile capabilities too. This allows mobile users to not only learn more about your property, but also book their rooms at the same time. This increases your conversion rates as well as your direct mobile bookings while also allowing you to generate additional revenue from a segment of the market that you may not otherwise reach.

Implementing the right mobile technology at your hotel while also launching a mobile marketing strategy aimed at specific market segments will allow you to increase your direct bookings amongst weekend travelers and even locals who are interested in booking a staycation.

To learn more about the latest techniques that can be used in mobile marketing and to gain insight into the rising mobile bookings trends, download our free online marketing eBook now.

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