5 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Boutique Hotel To Adopt This Year

hotel resolutions

As you kick off 2017, you are probably looking forward to the future and thinking about the goals that you have for your hotel this year. Instead of making the same mistakes, and creating hotel resolutions that you surely won’t be able to keep, consider adopting resolutions based on travel trends that will help you make this your most successful year yet. These five new year’s hotel resolutions will help you improve your distribution strategies as well as drive direct bookings for your hotel property!

1. Create extras specifically designed for health and wellness travelers.

Health and wellness travel is becoming increasingly popular amongst a diverse range of travelers. It’s particularly desirable to Chinese travelers, which is one of the most powerful traveler segments in the world right now. You could offer yoga classes at your property, or add alternative menu options to your room service in order to appeal to those focusing on a healthy start to the new year.

2. Design a mobile app for your boutique hotel.

Guests are becoming increasingly reliant on mobile technology. While mobile bookings continue to increase, many travelers are looking to book hotels that offer mobile apps which can improve the efficiency and convenience of their stay. Your app may allow your guests to check-in from their mobile device, or it could give them the ability to order room service from their own phone.

3. Implement new hotel technology throughout your property.

Wi-fi is not considered a luxury anymore, but rather a necessity. Consider installing charging stations in your hotel lobby, or install smart locks throughout the property in order to increase safety and security. Another technology upgrade to consider is adding smart TVs to the rooms, which allow your guests to conveniently stream their favorite shows and movies.

4. Add a new event to your schedule.

Events can help you uncover new revenue channels, such as attracting locals who may not normally be customers at your hotel. Consider creating an event that brings travelers and local residents together, such as a live music performance or a social dining experience with your hotel chef. These events also can help you generate buzz about your brand on social media.

5. Try out a new social media strategy for your property.

If you’ve never run a contest before on your Facebook page, this is the perfect year to try out this new technique. If you aren’t on Instagram, make it your 2017 goal to develop a presence on the popular social networking site. It’s a great time to try something new and see if it increases engagement with your hotel brand.
The hotel management team at your property should work together in order to develop the right New Year’s resolutions for your property in 2017. Your resolutions should take into account your traveler segments, your destination, and the travel trends that are catching the attention of globetrotters everywhere.

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