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Does your B&B need a music strategy?

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Music is incredibly powerful; a song can have a huge impact on the way an individual feels or even how they act. The music that you play within your accommodation common areas, or as the background for your marketing materials will influence the way your brand is received by travellers and guests.

Creating a music strategy will help you enhance your brand identity, and can offer various benefits to your business.

What is a music strategy?

A music strategy is a niche component of your overall marketing plan that aims at improving the atmosphere and the experience at your property. Your music strategy should identify the type of music that will be played throughout your property. It also should identify the music that should accompany any marketing materials, such as commercials, online videos and slideshows. The music that you identify and select should be carefully considered and chosen to coincide with your overall brand goals.

How will a music strategy benefit your property?

  • It provides consistency and helps enhance your brand identity

It’s important you provide each and every guest with an experience that is consistent with your brand standards, and music plays a pivotal role in that. You need to select the type of music that will be played in your lobby, in your dining area and in your bar. The music selections should reflect your brand identity and values.
For example, a luxury brand may want to opt for classical instrumental music, while an affordable property geared toward solo travellers may choose more modern and popular song selections.

  • It improves the atmosphere within your actual property

Playing the right type of music throughout your B&B will allow your guests to feel relaxed and at ease. They will be physically and mentally transported into holiday mode. In addition to playing music in your common areas or hiring a local band to play in the evenings while your guests mix and mingle, you should also provide guests with the ability to play their own music within their room.

  • It can help you generate more revenue when used properly during key moments of the guest experience

Given the fact music impacts the way that people feel, it’s not surprising that playing the right tunes at the right moment will encourage your guests to spend more. For example, lively music that encourages dancing and entertains the crowds may inspire your guests to stay longer in the bar and purchase a few extra drinks. In addition, thematic music that relates to your local destination may spur your guests’ desire to purchase souvenir products.

Music is just one component that you should consider for your marketing strategy, but there’s a lot of other factors that will ultimately impact the success of your marketing campaigns.

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