How Using Chatbots Will Increase Upselling At Your B&B

Bnb upsells using chatbots

Chatbots are one of the most powerful tools for businesses to drive customer acquisition and brand advocacy.

They are revolutionizing the modern customer experience and are a great way to push guests down the sales funnel. 50% of consumers want businesses to be accessible around the clock, while almost 50% would rather contact a business by messaging than by giving them a call; a chatbot works to both of these demands.

Chatbots work seamlessly with Facebook messenger, and by creating scripts that encourage the consumer to purchase more, chatbots can be a great method of increasing your upselling ability. Here’s how…

Attentiveness And Immediate Responses Encourages Higher Value Purchases

The ability for chatbots to assist customers instantly caters to the modern day customer’s sense of urgency, and shows that your business takes customer service seriously.

Consumers are becoming more often annoyed when businesses keep to strict 9-5 hours. They want to feel like they are able to inquire about purchases whenever they decide to. Having a chatbot act as that point of contact can keep potential guests interested and continue to push them down the sales funnel.

When your customer feels valued they become loyal to your business and spend more, and considering that returning customers spend 67% more those who are new to your business, it is in your best interest for customers to know and trust your brand.

Chatbots Can Be Used As Final Selling Point Closer To Customer Check-In Date

Programing chatbots to send pre check-in emails offering last minute deals, upgrades and features, can be a very effective way of increasing upsells.

For example “Hi there, you are checking in with our B&B tomorrow, would you like to upgrade to a bottle of wine on arrival?”

Chatbots Upsell To Customers Based On The Purchase Decisions And Questions They Ask

Chatbots can be programmed to track the patterns of your customers purchases. This type of surveillance means that chatbots can upsell and increase revenue by enticing customers to try different packages or extras.

Chatbots Practice Personalization

A study has shown that 73% of consumers are fed up with being shown irrelevant and useless content and that personalization increases sales, and 75% of consumers are more likely to buy from a business that recognizes them by name.

Chatbots should be able to address the customer by their name and also look at prior consumer interactions and purchase histories, to ensure they are pitching the most personalised upselling offers.

Chatbots Work As A Sales Team

As small business owners you are probably very short on time, and don’t have time to work on closing deals online and giving customers attention on messenger apps.

Chatbots can get up close and personal, ask guests what kind of room they like, the kinds of extras they are interested, if they want breakfast, and if they want to purchase tourist activities; helping you to make money whilst you sleep.

Chatbots can also send more traffic to your website by linking to different pages of your website.

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