Is Your B&B Following The Formula For Success?

For each B&Bs success looks a little bit different. However, one thing all B&Bs should be striving for is high occupancy and RevPAR. The average B&B runs on an occupancy rate of around 50%, so for strong performance hoteliers should be looking to reach and exceed this rate.

Here’s our formula to help you successfully increase bookings and revenue…

Price Your Rooms Accurately

Take a look at what your competition is charging and weigh this against the value of what you are offering. Some aspects to consider are:

  • Type of room and bed
  • If there is an attached private bathroom
  • If the room offers other special amenities such as heated bathroom flooring, pool, hot-tub or gym.

Taking a step back to look at what your property properly is a great way to ensure you are pricing your rooms at the best, competitive rate.

Appeal To Your Most Profitable Market

Make sure you know who your most profitable market is and aim to appeal to this demographic. You can try to appeal to the masses but this will more likely exhaust your resources without much return.

Sometimes you might target a market and and fail, this is okay. You will just need to reassess your demographic and alter your marketing strategy accordingly.

For example: You might aim to appeal to older travellers by advertising free morning tea, but due to your location, attract more millennial guests. You should then shift your marketing focus, swapping the morning tea for free wifi.

Provide Industry Leading Customer Service

If you are managing a B&B then it‘s more than likely you are a people-person and pride yourself on your customer service skills. However, customer needs are constantly changing and to keep your service five star you will need to keep up with industry trends.  

After all, this is an industry that relies on word of mouth and social media recommendations so you need to keep on top of expectations to ensure you keep your reviewers raving!

First impressions mean everything so don’t be afraid to surprise guests with small gifts on arrival, baked goods are always a favorite.

Take Control Of Your TripAdvisor Profile

Managing your account properly is crucial for staying in control of how your reputation is shaped, expanding your reach and attracting guests.

Here are TripAdvisor’s top tips for profile optimization:

  • Add direct contact details
  • Advertise special offers
  • Make announcements about renovations or exciting news
  • Add property videos
  • Use your property dashboard to see if your listing is paying off

Be Authentic So You Are Not Forgotten

Convince travellers to visit your unique destination by giving your B&B a sense of place. Afterall, people remember an experience that is truly authentic. When a guest arrives surprise them with small touches like stocking bathrooms with soaps from your local area and serving wine from local vineyards.

Encourage direct bookings by advertising your destination on your website. You can easily do this with Little Hotelier’s built-in destination showcase page local attractions and activities are automatically pull in and displayed.

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