How to attract last minute B&B bookings for the Rugby League World Cup

B&B accommodation for rugby league world cup

The Rugby League World Cup is coming up fast! From 27th October to 2nd December football fans and competitive spirits alike will travel interstate, domestic and internationally to be part of the sporting atmosphere.

The Cup will comprise of 19 teams playing 28 games and will be hosted in three countries; New Zealand and Australia co-hosting and three games in Papua New Guinea.

During these 36 days a mass of fans will be visiting Australia, including thousands of supporters from England and Wales. Even after the tournament has started there will be plenty of late bookings and extended stays as many fans will wait to see if their team makes it through.  

This time will be very profitable for the tourism and hospitality industries so be sure to add the game fixtures into your calendar and take note of the following tips to improve your B&B’s marketing and capture those last minute bookings

Hit the goal line with your SEO

Become more discoverable on Google by using long tail keywords like “B&B accommodation for the Rugby World Cup” and trending keywords like “World Cup B&B”. Writing a blog on your website is a great tool for this, and will improve your SEO immensely.

You will also become more accessible and increase direct bookings by ‘claiming’ your ‘Google My Business’ listing and controlling it in your Google account. The location pin on Google Maps will be a helpful tool for fans wanting to instantly see how far you are from where they plan to watch the game.

Sit on the frontline of the build up

Start putting together and advertising your Rugby World Cup packages now to ensure you are involved in the online discussion.

Extend your reach further than just email campaigns with some simple campaigning on Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels using this year’s official hashtag #RLWC2017.

Show your guests you are as excited as they are for the game!

Get your guests on-side with special incentives

It’s not just the host cities that will benefit from the influx of visitors. In Australia, NRL television audiences rose by 14% in 2016.

Attract more fans who are already travelling during this time by advertising that you will be screening the game live and offering ‘too good to miss’ food and beverage specials.

For example: “Cheer on the Rugby League World Cup from the comfort of your room with half price meals during #RLWC2017

Get your B&B on-field by advertising across as many OTAs as possible

Online travel agents will be doing their own advertising around the big games, so it’s important that you are efficiently managing your different online distribution channels so your revenue is maximised in all the right places.

With 19 teams competing from across the world the majority of international travellers will probably take to these familiar methods of booking so it’s imperative you make sure international travellers can easily book with you.

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