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The 5 Best Tactics For Advertising Your B&B

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Our society is saturated with advertisements. In the 1970s we saw an average of 500 ads a day and today we are seeing as many as 5,000!

This has resulted in people tuning out the noise and it is also why the modern traveler is taking control of their buying journey.

Affordable advertising today is about making sure you are ‘found’ and to do this your B&B needs to be available in all the places potential guests visit online.

Here are the five best tactics for advertising your B&B…

1. Create A Profile For Online Travel Agents And Metasearch Sites

OTAs and metasearch engines bring a lot of online exposure for B&Bs.

OTAs do take a percentage of bookings, but by playing the channels tactically you can inexpensively increase bookings.

Metasearch enginessuch as TripAdvisor and Google – offer another avenue for advertising through customer reviews, ratings and photos. On these sites, smaller properties sit in the same position as larger ones and because metasearch doesn’t enable bookings, being listed here can encourage direct bookings.  

TripAdvisor properties with 30+ photos have over 45% more traveler engagement than those with less than 10, so be sure to properly customize your account.

Encourage your guests to give your B&B a review on these sites and make sure to monitor and respond to all feedback, whether positive or negative.

2. Optimize Your B&B Website

Your website is the only place online where you have absolute control over how your B&B is represented to your guests. Getting your website design right means gaining your customers’ trust and interest.

Portray your unique offer through a clean, user-friendly website that showcases high quality images, interesting and relevant content, and a handy direct booking feature.

A useful tip to ensure your website is advertised properly on search engines is by addressing the following questions in your content;

  • What does your B&B offer that makes you stand out?
  • What makes you the ideal accommodation provider in your area?

This will highlight your niche keywords to improve your SEO and ultimately bring in more traffic.

3. Consider Google Hotel Ads

Having control over Google Hotel Ads is vital because the ads are very prominent on searches, displaying features like; rates and availability, location, reviews, descriptions, Google Street Views and high resolution photos.

Google Hotel Ads is an affordable advertising option for B&Bs due to its commission per-click model. This means there is no need to worry about bidding for popular keywords.

To set this up you will need to go through one of the technology solutions provider on this list from Google.

4. Engage On Social Media

Travelers are increasingly relying on social networks to find accommodation, read reviews and book rooms.

Make sure you are actively advertising on social media by posting two or three times a week and highlighting your deals. Expand your reach by tagging people, businesses and organizations in your posts.

5. Utilize Retargeting Techniques

Have you ever left a website and then seen that brand advertised everywhere you visit online? This is called retargeting.

Retargeting is a tool designed to help companies reach the 98% of users who don’t convert the first time they visit a website. It uses cookies to anonymously follow your audience all over the web and works great as part of a digital advertising strategy.

Retargeting can help increase conversions and drive people back to your site.

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