What Are The Best Ways To Attract More Extended Weekend And Mid-Week Stays?

The room pricing strategy at your B&B cannot be a stagnant strategy developed for one specific set of circumstances and applied to all scenarios. Rather, your B&B revenue management techniques must be fluid, adjusting for seasonal trends, market changes and traveler preferences.

Many B&B operators struggle to drive bookings for extended weekend and mid-week stays, particularly in areas that are considered to be weekend destinations. Rather than setting low room rates in hope of attracting guests and driving demand, you should apply your standard room pricing but add more value for guests who may be interested in staying during these low-traffic periods.

These are a few of the best ways to attract more extended weekend and mid-week stays at your B&B:

Create Weekday Events To Generate Buzz About Your B&B.

Many people travel to a specific destination because of an event or festival in the area. If you are looking to drive weekday bookings at your property without lowering your room rates, plan an event that will generate buzz and will interest your target market. Concerts with local musicians, book signings, holiday events and themed gatherings are a few examples of events that you could host at your B&B. By promoting these events within your local community as well as on social media, you’ll be able to attract the attention of visitors who will be motivated to book a room at your B&B to fully enjoy the event.

Design Packages To Encourage Extended Weekend Stays And Mid-Week Bookings.

If you are struggling to get guests to book during the week or to extend their weekend stays, chances are there are other local businesses in your area dealing with the same issue. Confront the problem together, and start offering packages that will add value and encourage people to stay longer in your destination. You may be able to create a dining plan option with local restaurants that is only available during the week, or you could create a package that offers discount tours with the local tour company on weekdays.

Offer Promotion Codes That Entice Guests To Extend Their Weekend Stays.

One of the best ways to encourage your weekend visitors to stay longer is to send them a promo code shortly after they have booked their rooms to let them know about your great deal. You can give them a small discount if they decide to extend their stay into the week. Sometimes, this incentive is all it takes for guests to decide to transform their weekend visit into an extended stay in your destination. Use automated email features through your property management system to deliver these deals to your customers immediately after they have booked directly through your B&B website.

Setting an effective room pricing strategy that drives B&B revenue at your property is easier than ever when you use a business solution designed specifically for small accommodations providers. To learn more about how Little Hotelier can help you create and implement your room pricing strategy, begin your free demo now.

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