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6 Reasons Why Your B&B Needs An Online Payments Solution

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Despite the ebbs and flows of the world economy, the strength of global travel has remained relatively consistent and is currently very stable. Worldwide travel is in a state of growth thanks to lower fuel prices, airline consolidation, and relaxed visa regulations.

For accommodation providers this means accepting more reservations from overseas visitors and taking more bookings and payments online. By extension this means you may also need to accept payments from multiple currencies while maintaining a safe, secure, and seamless booking process.

The simplest solution for this is to implement an online payments solution that properly integrates with your online booking engine.

Why Do You Need An Online Payments Solution?

An online payments solution is necessary for a hotel or B&B of any size. Today’s travelers will almost exclusively book online, and most of them with credit card, so convenience and security are significant concerns for guests. If you don’t have the ability to quickly, easily, and safely process a booking payment you’ll be at high risk of losing a large number of customers who will look to other websites.

The amount of payment methods and currencies that are in play during an online booking make accepting payments an extremely complicated process without the assistance of a payment system.

Services like Little Hotelier’s  integrated payment solution take all the stress away and can instantly complete a customer’s payment request.

Here are the 6 major benefits you’ll enjoy with an online payments solution:

  1. Process deposits, payments and refunds while providing a seamless check-in or check-out experience
  2. Record transactions instantly at the click of a button
  3. Ensure Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance to protect yourself and your customers from fraudulent activity
  4. Process international credit and debit cards from anywhere in the world
  5. Save money on foreign exchange fees
  6. Allow the service provider to manage external relationships so you can be less reliant on financial institutions

The three most important things you need to look for in an online payments solution are; simplicity, security, and integration with your booking engine. These are the same features your guests will want. Booking and paying online should be effortless for your customers. In fact they should not even be aware a payment gateway is being utilized, which why it’s so important for it to integrate with your online booking engine.

Your guests are also entrusting their financial security to you during the process so it’s vital to use a system that locks everything down.

A breach in security and loss of funds will result in permanent trust issues between your property and potential customers. This will make it near impossible to recoup a consistent stream of revenue or operate as a profitable business.

To learn more about an online payments solution and how it integrates with your website to make processing payments safer and easier visit Little Hotelier’s features page.

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