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All the best ideas on how to increase revenue for your small hotel and improve hotel sales.

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The hotelier’s 3-part plan for the holiday season

In this 3-part holiday plan we’ll show you strategies you can put in place to achieve your desired occupancy rate, optimise your pricing and rates, and give guests an amazing stay.

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Is word-of-mouth still a way to get bookings at your B&B?

Word-of-mouth marketing hasn’t gone extinct, it’s simply changed. In fact it can be even more powerful today than in the past.

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hotel payment trends

Top 5 trends in the hotel payments industry right now

The way consumers like to pay for goods and services is changing so it’s important your property knows how to keep up with the latest trends.

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Should you market your B&B to business travellers?

It’s obvious business travel is a large and expanding market, but is it the right fit for your B&B? Get some advice here.

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How to calculate and use your B&B’s average daily rate effectively

The average daily rate at your B&B is one of the simplest metrics to calculate and can also be very useful for building revenue strategies. Check out these helpful tips.

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B&B improves their pricing strategies

5 intelligent pricing strategies for your B&B

For small hotels or B&Bs every dollar counts, so make sure your pricing strategies are producing the best results possible for your property. Here are some tips.

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Essential Reporting Strategies

Essential Reporting Strategies to Maximise Your B&B Revenue

Accurate and analytical reporting strategies are vital for tracking metrics and maintaining a successful revenue strategy at your B&B.

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Customer loyalty program increases direct bookings at a B&B

How a Rewards Program At Your B&B Could Increase Bookings

Rewards programs have long been used to increase direct bookings at hotels and B&Bs. But are they really effective? And how can they be achieved properly?

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B&B uses guest data to effectively get more direct bookings

What Guest Data is Most Helpful for Increasing Bookings at Your B&B?

We discuss the data hoteliers need to collect from their guests to increase direct bookings and ensure a higher profit margin

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B&B starts an email marketing campaign

When should you start email marketing at your B&B?

Email marketing is a cost effective and efficient way for hoteliers to reach new customers and encourage return visitors. Here is when to start emailing at your B&B.

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What Are The Best Ways To Attract More Extended Weekend And Mid-Week Stays?

B&B revenue management techniques must be fluid, adjusting for seasonal trends, market changes and traveler preferences.

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Bnb upsells using chatbots

How Using Chatbots Will Increase Upselling At Your B&B

Chatbots drive customer acquisition and brand advocacy which means they are a great tool for increasing upselling at your B&B. Here’s how…

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Mastering revenue management at a B&B

4 ways your B&B can master revenue management

Revenue management is the key to running a profitable B&B. Here’s Little Hotelier’s 4 tactics for hoteliers to master their revenue management.

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Food and beverage facilities at B&B

Should your B&B use Food and Beverage to increase revenue?

Offering a range of food and beverage at your B&B will mean generating as much revenue as possible from your guest.

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B&B loyalty program

3 Simple Loyalty Programs Ideas For B&Bs

The best way to capture and reward a customer’s loyalty is with a loyalty program that is easy to join and simple. Here are 3 loyalty programs ideas for B&Bs.

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