How To Save Valuable Space Around Your B&B

hotel space saving

Boutique hotels can be cosy and inviting, but space is often at a premium.

Thinking about how to maximise space in hotels can help guests have a better customer experience, and it can help managers be more efficient in their back office environment.

In this post, we have selected a few of our favourite space-saving tips and techniques that can be implemented in small hotel environments to help improve the enjoyment of a cosy hotel.

1. Under Stairs Waiting Area And Storage

It’s amazing how often the space under a hotel’s stairs is left as a cavity in construction, and never put to good use.

Not only can the space under the stairs be used as a place to store guest luggage near reception, but it can also be used for linen and spare parts storage, or even as a peaceful nook for guests to enjoy your communal areas.

Installing lockable rolling drawers and cupboards under stairs will ensure access to the space is maximised, while also ensuring the safety of items stored.

Existing linen and maintenance cupboards in hotels with stairs can then be turned into additional guest space or vending machine vestibules.

Alternatively, under stair spaces can be converted into reading nooks with the addition of support beams under the stairs, a downlight, a bookshelf and a few cushions.

2. Folding Desks And Hanging Chairs

In very small hotel rooms it can be tough to provide a desk for guests to sit with their laptops and do some work. But it is possible to install folding and tripod-style desks that can be attached to a wall for easy setup and removal, and where space is very tight.

There are a series of different models of folding table units, including some on simple brackets, or freestanding drop-leaf tables, but our favourite is a unit, which is installed onto a wall, and includes a space for stationery and could even include a power outlet for technology use.

Where even a desk chair can be difficult to position, it is possible to pair a folding desk with a hanging chair. The simplest version just uses wall hooks to hang up a simple folding chair alongside the fold-out desk. But we also love these folding chairs that double as hangers for hotel wardrobes.

3. Sofa Bunk

And where you’re trying to accommodate families in a small hotel, it can be difficult to squeeze a single bed into a double room.

But rather than having to add rolling beds into confined spaces, what about including a sofa in a room that converts into bunk beds for the kids? We love this convertible sofa because it combines the practicality of a sofa in a double room, with the functionality bunk beds for families.

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