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How to Remove Flaws in Your B&B’s Check-In System

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

When your guests arrive at your small hotel, their first experience with you and your brand will be checking in. You need to make sure that your check-in process is as efficient and effective as possible.

If you struggle to verify your guest’s reservation or if your guests arrive only to find out their room isn’t ready on time, it will start their visit off on a bad note.

If their first experience with you is marked with friction, it will be hard for guests to recover from this initial impression.

Top Tips for Streamlining the Check-In System and Removing Flaws

  • Automate the check-in process
    There are several options available for automating the check-in process. As an incentive to encourage guests to book directly with you through your website, you can offer them an online code that allows them to check in on the website about 24 hours prior to their arrival. This means that when they arrive, they can head straight to their room without waiting with their luggage in hopes of getting checked into your B&B as quickly as possible. If that option isn’t ideal for your small hotel, you could consider a check-in code that they can input into their computer, phone or tablet that alerts the front desk staff that they will be arriving shortly.
  • Implement a mobile check-in system
    If you invest in a mobile app for your property, you can provide your guests with an opportunity to check into your hotel from their smartphone or tablet in the hours preceding their arrival. For example, a guest who is flying in from another location can pull up their reservation confirmation on the app once they arrive at the airport, and complete the check-in process. By the time they arrive at your hotel, their key will be waiting for them and their room will be ready.
  • Create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere
    In the event that your guests do have to finish up the check-in process at the front desk, you can improve the experience by enhancing your greeting area. Offering your guests fresh-baked treats, beverages or a piece of candy from the local area can help them to feel relaxed and welcome. In addition, adding comfortable furniture and home-like lighting will give them a sense of peace, allowing them to feel like they are in their own space.

By improving your B&B check-in system and eliminating flaws, you will automatically improve the customer experience at your small hotel.

As every business owner knows the first impression is often a lasting impression.

Using the right technology and creating an effective check-in process will allow your guests to get settled into their rooms as soon as possible and begin enjoying their getaway.

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