Why you should register your B&B for a sustainability label

Running a B&B sustainably

In the last few years sustainability has become a major talking point for businesses around the world. Public awareness and curiosity regarding sustainability has grown. People want to know how a company is operating, and if they are taking the necessary steps to ensure they are not affecting the environment in a negative way.

Since today’s hotel guest is more aware of their environmental footprint in everything they do at home, they’ll also be conscious of it when they book out-of-home accommodation.

The trend is now to look towards holidays that have a minimal environmental impact.

For a B&B to be considered ‘sustainable’ they need to take a holistic approach to being environmentally friendly at their property. Running your bed and breakfast in a sustainable way will not only benefit your local ecosystem, but will also build a more wholesome experience for your current guests whilst attracting new, aware, guests.

Here’s why you should look into registering your B&B for a sustainability label, such as the EU Ecolabel…

Your Brand Image Will Improve

In a recent study, 58% of consumers said they do consider the impact a company has on the environment when purchasing their goods and services. This survey also discovered that customers were far more likely to purchase from companies that practised sustainable habits.

A sustainable company has a great competitive edge because consumers want to put money where their heart is.

Integrate your sustainability label into your B&B marketing strategy to paint your B&B in a positive light. Use social media, your website, and email campaigns to celebrate the achievements of your eco-friendly business and improves brand awareness and reputation.

Your B&B Will Look More Professional

To stay competitive in the global marketplace you need to ensure your business is doing something different and standing out in a professional way.

Advertising your sustainability label means that before your customers even look into booking at your B&B they will know you take your community and your business seriously.

You Will See Financial Benefits

66% of customers will often pay more for a product they know is sustainable. Millennials are at the forefront of this, with 73% willing to pay extra.

Businesses that account for climate change also see an 18% higher ROI.

In addition, energy-related costs decrease much more when a company is:

  • Using energy-efficient lighting
  • Using solar or wind energy
  • Choosing energy efficient appliances

In some countries there are also a variety of tax credits and rebates for making sustainability improvements.

You Will Be Doing Something Good

Your sustainable actions will be making a real difference by shrinking your carbon footprint, lessening your effects on the surrounding community, and making a change that generations to come will benefit from.

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