Why your B&B would benefit from 24-hour check-in

24-hour check in at B&B

A guest’s arrival and check-in at your B&B is the most important part of their customer service journey.

You want them to walk in and feel recognized, attended to and most importantly welcomed. This is their first impression of your property after all.

Customers in all industries are growing to expect around the clock service, and the hospitality industry are no different. Travelers want to be able to travel on their own time and adhere to their own deadlines, so why are customers only being permitted a short 10am – 3pm window to collect their key and be shown to their room?

Here’s why your B&B would benefit from 24 hour check in…

It Will Improve Guest Experience

When your guests arrive they are usually tired, in need of a shower, a refreshment and a meal. But with check-in unavailable until the afternoon, they are left waiting impatiently to gain access to the room that they have paid for.

This isn’t a very good customer experience, and is even something AirBnB have addressed. AirBnB allows guests to contact their host and negotiate a check-in time that works for them.

24-hour check in, or as AirBnB call it ‘self check-in’, means that guests are able to gain access to your property at any hour, using a variety of different methods such as:

  • An around the clock doorman
  • A lockbox
  • A safe with a keypad containing the room key

This check-in process is especially useful for:

  • Appeasing business travelers who may need to work late or come in at a very early hour
  • Those arriving on very early flights, incurring delays, or cancellations.
  • International travelers who are changing time zones.

It Can Help Increase RevPAR

Implementing a 24-hour check-in strategy could work as a method of increasing revenue at your B&B. Not only will it improve customer service and the offers you can make, but you could also supply this to guests at an additional fee.

Standard Hotels, for example, places a 5% surcharge on their ‘check-in anytime’ package and The Marriott Hotel chain allows for flexible check-in and check-out times depending on availability.

If this is something that is in demand from your customers, they won’t mind paying a little extra and in the process you will increase your RevPAR.

It Could Increase Direct Bookings

“Free 24-hour check-in when you book direct” is a very enticing incentive to encourage guests to book direct on your website.  

You can offer guests an online code that allows them to check-in on the website about 24 hours prior to their arrival. This means when they arrive they can head straight to their room without hassle or delay.

Lighten The Load On Staff

Sending automatic pre-stay emails that provide guests with detailed information about where they need to go and how to get into their room when they arrive, as well opening times for reception, means that staff will have to spend a lot less time manually taking guest details and checking guests in.

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