The 5 Easiest Ways To Improve Guest Experience At Your Boutique Hotel

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Delivering a great guest experience is key to impressing your guests, ensuring repeat bookings and maintaining your revenue.
Boutique hotels will see a big return on their investment by implementing these five easy strategies.

1. Follow up post-booking
Great customer service starts before your guest arrives onsite. After a guest reserves their stay, send a follow-up email to find out if there’s anything they need. Whether it’s a dinner reservation or a cot in the room, let guests know you want their stay at your small hotel to be perfect and you’ll do everything in your power to help them. Then follow-through on these requests. If guests start with a great impression it’s more likely they’ll maintain it throughout the time they spend at your property.

2. Offer the technology they want
Guests expect free wifi in airports, cafes, and hotels. If your small hotel is still charging a wifi fee, it can sour the guest experience. It doesn’t cost a lot to offer free wifi to your guests, and the payoff is huge. If you already offer wifi, take it one step further with streaming media services in every room.

3. Provide above and beyond customer service while anticipating issues
When staff can anticipate and avoid problems, guests will have a pleasant experience. If you regularly place guests on hold and don’t have hold music, a silent line can make guests wonder if you’re still there. Start using hold music to allay worries. During hot summer months, set up a complimentary water station with fruit infused waters so guests can stay hydrated and comfortable. Anything you can do to make guests more comfortable and prevent problems from arising will be noticed and remembered when a guest reviews their visit, posts to social media, or decides where to stay on their next trip to your area.

4. Train staff to read guests
Hospitality is a customer service industry, so every interaction a guest has with your employees contribute to their overall impression. When you teach staff to anticipate problems and read a guest’s body language, they can provide superior service. Train staff to assess a guest’s mood and interests by reading their clothing, facial expressions, and body language. They might direct a guest who looks tired toward your coffee station, or ask a guest wearing a team jersey if they’re interested in attending a sports game. Your guests will love the personal touch.

5. Provide extra customer service for repeat guests
Once you start getting repeat bookings, provide special service to guests to encourage their continued patronage and positive reviews. From welcoming guests at check-in by their name, providing a complimentary treat in their room (say, a cookie or fresh fruit platter), or upgrading their room if space is available, repeat guests will enjoy the VIP treatment – and you’ll enjoy more visits from your loyal customers.

With the hospitality industry facing increased competition from other hotels as well as home sharing startups, the details matter.
By getting these five things right with every guest, you can enjoy better profits, stability, and reputation.

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