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How to start a bed and breakfast: Complete guide for owner/operators

Learn everything you need to know about establishing a bed and breakfast business, and manage it effectively to delight travellers and earn profit.

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B&B management guidebook: 7 basic steps to start building a successful business

This FREE eBook will help all B&B or small accommodations operators build a great foundation for making it easier to attract and convert travellers into paying guests, offering specific knowledge and insight on the most important property management skills.

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The many benefits of capturing feedback from your guests

Feedback is one of the major ways to track the success of your property and to find new ways to improve. Here are the main benefits.

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The best ways to keep guests happy and entertained at your B&B

Return bookings and positive reviews are vital for the success of your business, so here are some tips on keeping your B&B guests happy and entertained.

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What do travellers choose to book a bed and breakfast?

Understanding the main factors driving bookings to your B&B

Knowing what motivates travellers to book a particular B&B will help you sell your rooms and profit. Here are the main reasons that guests choose a property.

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Marketing routines that make running your B&B easy

Keeping to routines helps take a lot of stress out of life and maintain focus. It’s essential when running a business, especially a bed and breakfast.

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How to protect your B&B from phishing and scam emails

Phishing emails and scams can be very dangerous to your business. Learn how to spot and prevent them at you B&B and protect your data.

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The Essential Guide to Perfecting Guest Experience at Your B&B

This FREE eBook will help all B&B or small accommodations operators perfect the way travellers experience the booking journey; online and offline.

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5 ways you can change the way you run your B&B for the better

The way it’s always been doesn’t mean it has to be like that forever. Change is often for the better and it can be for your B&B too. See how you can mix things up.

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Remote B&B management

How you can run your B&B 24/7 remotely

Although running a B&B is a fulltime job, even a 24/7 job, you don’t always have to be at your property. Here’s how to manage your accommodation remotely.

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The dos and don’ts of listing your property on Airbnb

Creating your listing on Airbnb is an extremely important task to get right if you want to capitalise on the huge amount of traffic visiting on the platform.

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What really motivates B&B staff

Your staff are the face of your B&B and have a direct impact on your guests’ experience. That’s why staff motivation should be a top priority when managing your B&B.

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Running a B&B sustainably

Why you should register your B&B for a sustainability label

Running your B&B in a sustainable way will not only benefit your local ecosystem. Here’s why you should look into registering for a sustainability label…

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Being culturally inclusive at your B&B

How To Cater For All International Guests At Your B&B

Here’s how you can be culturally all-inclusive and cater for any international guest who visits your B&B…

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Handling guest complaints at a B&B

What to do when a guest complains at your B&B

Turning an unhappy customer into a satisfied guest is essential to the survival of your B&B business. Here’s what you need to do when a guest complains.

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