Are You Delivering Great Service At Your B&B?

Guest getting great service when checking into B&B

Your property may have fantastic amenities, a charming history or luxurious guest rooms, but ultimately, your success depends on the B&B guest experience. You need to prioritize customer service at your B&B and enhance guest satisfaction every step of the way.

Here’s a few ways to continue delivering great service in 2017 that are sure to help you improve the way guests experience your property:

Design A Loyalty Program That Rewards Your Guests

If guests are going to choose to stay loyal to your property, they expect something out of the ‘alliance’. Your loyalty program needs to be developed in an attractive way so it will, not only improve the guest experience, but also help you increase your repeat bookings.
Reward programs that offer free upgrades, discounted room rates and other additional perks are received positively by guests in every different market segment.

Personalize The B&B Guest Experience

Most of the time you’re collecting vast amounts of data about your guests without even realising it. However, if you aren’t using it to customize the guest experience then you are not using it to its full potential. You should utilize the data that you have available to personalize the B&B guest experience. Learn more about what your guests like and what their interests are, then send personalized emails providing them with suggestions or upgrade options for their stay. Greet them by name when they arrive.
Add a little something extra in their room based on what you know about their trip. Your guests will remember that you took the time to go above and beyond during their stay.

Create A Common Gathering Space

More travelers are looking to connect with other people while they’re abroad, but it isn’t always easy for newcomers to do this. You could design a garden or similar common area where guests can sip coffee together and chat. You might also make a lounge area with high-top cocktail tables that are perfect for meeting new people. By offering these community spaces, you will increase guest engagement while also improving your brand reputation.

Implement Technology That Enhances Engagement

Mobile technology allows you to engage with your guests in new and exciting ways. A mobile app for your B&B can allow guests to check-in prior to their arrival, or order room service with the touch of a button. You also may want to consider new smart technology features, such as keyless room entry and smart TVs, as these can improve the guest experience significantly.

Offer Packages That Include Authentic, Local Experiences

Many B&B guests are looking for more than just a great place to stay with local flavor. They want to immerse themselves in the local culture. Partner with native tourism companies to offer interesting experiences, such as a personalized tour of the city with a private guide or a yoga lesson in a local park. This can help you increase your revenue while also improving the B&B guest experience at the same time.

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