How To Pick the Right Innkeeper to Look After Your Small Property

Running and managing a small property is no walk in the park. It involves an abundance of hard work, dedication and passion for delighting guests.

Small property owners often find themselves not being able to leave their front desk as there is always plenty to do.

Then comes the moment of ‘I need a vacation!’ or what if a family or friend is getting married? What will you do? How will you leave your small property even for a few days?

Simple – you will need to start the search for the perfect innkeepers to look after your property.

A vacation won’t be a vacation if you are answering phone calls and emails. An innkeeper can answer all the calls and respond to guest emails, without you even having to lift a finger.

A bed and breakfast or inn is very personal to the owner, the way that it’s run or managed or even the level of customer service that is offered to guests.

It’s important to find the right innkeeper who is on the same wavelength as you and shares a similar work ethic.

We have put together a checklist to make the selection process easy for you. Here are all the things to look out for when picking innkeepers for your small property.

Innkeeper Selection Consideration Factors

  1. Do they love the field and have a passion for it?
  2. Do they have expertise and traits in hospitality?
  3. Are they open to running the property your way?
  4. Do they have previous experience innkeeping? Where, when and have you called for a reference?
  5. Do they have hospitality skills? Such as communication, safety and hygiene skills?
  6. Can they think on their feet and respond well to stressful or uncomfortable situations?
  7. Are they organised and have attention to detail?
  8. How good are their cooking skills and can they follow your menu and recipes?
  9. Can they be a gracious person and deliver superior customer service at all times?
  10. Have they provided recommendations from previous property owners they worked for?

If you feel like your innkeeper candidate has passed the selection criteria the next step would be to get them in for a day or two and take them through all processes and operations to make sure they are capable.

Sometimes it’s useful to have the innkeeper to stay at your property as a guest so they can experience your unique offering and see for themselves exactly how you run your property.

It also never hurts to have an easy to use reservation system that innkeepers can learn how to use in a flash. This way you can avoid errors and double bookings from occurring and the system can handle most of the admin tasks.

Little Hotelier’s all-in-one solution is the perfect tool for any innkeeper about to take on the ropes of your business. The reservation and accommodation management system is fast and easy to use. Watch a demo video to see it in action.

small hotel reservation system demo video

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