How to Attract More Health and Wellness Travelers in 2016 [Video]

In 2016, health and wellness travelers will become an increasingly important market segment for small accommodation providers.

Have a look at our on-demand video to learn how you can attract more health and wellness guests to your small hotel this year.


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  • An estimated 17 million travellers identify themselves as being ‘health and wellness focused’, with 40% of them travelling regularly (HVS). Tweet this stat!
  • Health and wellness is a $73B industry (Skift). Tweet this stat!
  • Health and wellness grows 50% faster than the corresponding growth in the conventional tourism market (Daily Telegraph). Tweet this stat!
  • Wellness tourists spend 130% more than the average tourist (Body & Soul). Tweet this stat!
  • 1 in every $7 spent on tourism goes to wellness pursuits, making up a market of about $480B. This number is predicted to reach $750B by 2017 (Body & Soul). Tweet this stat!

Tips for satisfying health and wellness travelers

1. Offer healthy eating options

Allow guests to control meal portions, buy from local farmers, and make sure you have gluten free, sugar free and vegan options.

2. Offer fitness options

Provide jogging or hiking routes, rent out running gear, and create an in-room workout package.

3. Offer relaxation options

Create yoga programs, partner with local gyms and spas, and create a relaxation retreat package.

But wait… there’s more!

Health and wellness travelers are just one of the trends that we’ve covered for the coming year. If you’d like to learn more, access the complete video recording.

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