Events Spotlight: How to attract guests to your B&B for the Commonwealth Games

Your bed and breakfast is likely already located in a tourist destination, but there are certain events that take place throughout the year that will drive even more guests into your area.

Large sporting events, for example, are a huge draw to people from around the world, and you should make an effort to capitalize on these extra people.

Soon, Australian B&Bs will have the opportunity to seize new guests during the Commonwealth Games.

The games are expected to attract massive amounts of people to the region including:

  • 1.5 million spectators
  • Over 6,500 athletes and team officials from 70 destinations
  • Over 15,000 volunteers

This mega sporting event is going to take place on the Gold Coast next year, so now is the time to start planning your promotions to begin attracting new guests to your small hotel. Using global connections like OTAs will help maximise your reach and boost the amount of guests you can attract to your property. Many different travelers will descend on the area and you’ll have the chance to target markets you’ve never sold to before.

How Will Large Sporting Events Impact Your Revenue Management and Channel Management Strategies?

For a short period of time, large sporting events will bring in record-breaking crowds to your region.

While you can’t take in more guests at this time – you only have a finite number of rooms – you can attract guests from new target markets as well as improve your revenue management strategy to increase your profits at this time.

Your competition is going to be increasing their rates for this in-demand event, so you should do the same.

In addition, you will need to create promotions and packages that will set your bed and breakfast apart from the other local hotels that will be hoping to take advantage of the Commonwealth Games.

Tips for Using Events to Attract More Guests

  • Optimize your web content for the upcoming events. Create a landing page specifically for the Commonwealth Games, and add valuable information about the events as well as nearby attractions that guests can incorporate into their stay. Use this page to prove why guests should choose your property, and incorporate the best SEO techniques to increase your visibility to this market.
  • Invest in targeted online advertising designed to drive direct bookings. Targeted online ads will reach the interested travelers who are most likely to stay at your property during the commonwealth games. Many social networking platforms offer these advertising options, and they are a worthwhile investment for your B&B.
  • Create packages aimed at this new market segment that will be arriving in your destination. You could design a package filled with extras geared towards sports enthusiasts. Options to consider include transportation to and from the Commonwealth Games, as well as baskets of local snacks and treats that they can enjoy during their stay. Your packages should prove that your property is the most convenient as well as the most valuable accommodation for their upcoming stay, and also should set your bed and breakfast apart from other local hotels that are competing for the same guests.

As you have been building and developing your distribution strategy, you’ve been making strides on boosting your brand recognition around the globe.

Now, as large sporting events are being planned for the Gold Coast region, Australian B&Bs have the opportunity to test their channel management strategy and improve their revenue management techniques.

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