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How to distribute your B&B’s inventory most efficiently

Effective and efficient distribution is vital for the success of your B&B. Here’s some advice for you to follow at your property.

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Who’s the perfect market for your B&B? (…and how to find them)

Every property, including your B&B, will have a sweet spot in the market for who’s most interested in staying there. How do you find yours?

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Understanding the Fundamentals of Metasearch at Your B&B

Travellers are increasingly using metasearch engines to look for accommodation so it’s important you start to understand how it can affect your B&B.

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On-Demand Video: The New Frontier of Online Distribution: Airbnb for Boutique Hotels and B&Bs

Little Hotelier discuss the changing marketplace for savvy hoteliers. Tune in to learn more about the benefits of Little Hotelier’s Airbnb connection.

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Why connecting to Airbnb can benefit your B&B

Connecting to Airbnb via a real-time integration presents an exciting distribution and revenue opportunity for boutique hotels and B&Bs.

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B&B reaches the right markets

How to Ensure Your B&B is Reaching All the Right Markets

Distribution and marketing tactics every B&B should be using to expand their global reach and connect with the right markets.

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How To Use Your Channel Manager More Effectively At Your B&B

Investing in a channel manager is one thing. Getting the most out of it is another. Use these tips to ensure your B&B distribution is optimized.

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Events Spotlight: How to attract guests to your B&B for the Commonwealth Games

Events like the Commonwealth Games are irregular and present a great opportunity for small hotels to increase their revenue. Start planning at your B&B now.

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ota profile

How to Optimize Your Boutique Hotel’s OTA Profiles

OTAs are a powerful and necessary channel for your property’s distribution. Make sure you make the most of them by optimizing your online profile.

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6 Great Reasons to Combine the Power of Walk-In Reservations and Online Distribution

Walk-in reservations should still hold a valuable place in your small hotel and B&B distribution strategy. Here’s why you should value it along with online distribution…

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8 easy ways to boost your B&B’s midweek bookings and occupancy

Optimizing mid-week occupancy at your small hotel or B&B is easier than you think. Check out these tips to find the best option for your property.

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Small properties in Asia are attracting business travelers

Are Small Properties In Asia Gearing Up For A Business Boom?

With hotels in Asia set to take on a boom of business travelers, here are our tips on how to attract this popular market to your small hotel.

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4 Easy Tactics That Will Improve Your B&B’s Online Distribution In 2017

Improving your B&B’s distribution is reliant on your ability to be proactive and innovative with strategies to attract more travelers and drive more bookings. This blog explores the ideas…

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Little Hotelier Support: How to get in touch with us over Christmas and New Year

As always, the Little Hotelier support teams are here to help you over the festive period. We have brilliant teams based all around the world ready to help figure out any technical difficulties you might be having during Christmas and New Year.

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How Can You Take Control of Online Distribution at Your B&B?

It’s easy to feel like you’re struggling to keep up with your B&B’s online distribution strategy. How can you take control to boost revenue?

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