How Can You Take Control of Online Distribution at Your B&B?

Now that you have multiple online travel agencies (OTAs) promoting your bed and breakfast to their customers, inventory management is probably becoming more of a challenge.

But online distribution is an important part of growing your business and attracting new guests, and without the right system in place, you won’t be able to sell your rooms effectively.

Here’s how you can take control of online distribution at your bed and breakfast:

Invest in  a channel manager

A channel manager is the best way to implement your online distribution strategy.

It allows you to partner with agents from across the globe in order to sell your rooms – with minimal effort – because all of your agents are able to see your current rates and availability.


As soon as a guest books a room on a particular night, the entire system is updated and every agent can see the latest changes.

A channel manager greatly reduces the risks of overbooking your rooms, and it helps you improve your online distribution.

Make sure your booking engine integrates with your channel manager

Selecting a reservation system that automatically inputs your live availability into your channel manager is critical to your success.

If you manually update availability, several guests might book the same room without you knowing – until it’s too late.

This leaves you with a big issue to deal with, and there’s no good solution as at least one guest will be disappointed.

When your booking engine is well-integrated, it syncs with your channel manager so that your availability is correct – no matter where it’s seen.

Get a mobile-friendly booking system

You also will want to be able to manage your bed and breakfast from wherever you are, so that you can take control of online distribution remotely.

An app like Little Hotelier’s allows you to check your guest communications, generate reports about your property’s performance, and update your current rates at any given time.

This prevents you from being stuck in the office, and allows you to focus on more important aspects of your business.

As mobile technology continues to play a larger role in the daily lives of travelers as well as professionals in the travel industry, this is becoming a necessary feature when it comes to improving your distribution.



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