The Best Booking Sites for Thai Small Accommodation Providers [Infographic]

We previously shared our infographic on the most profitable booking sites for small hotels across the globe.

It’s based on the Exclusive Report: The Most Profitable Booking Sites in 2016 for Small Hotels, where we cover which booking sites generated the most number of reservations for small accommodation providers in 2015, and their related profitability profiles.

The report details the profitable booking sites globally, and also covered the list for properties in the following countries: United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand.

Here’s a handy infographic on the best hotel booking sites for small hotels in Thailand. Click here for the full version.

So, what are the best booking sites in 2016 for small accommodation providers in Thailand?


To recap, the best hotel booking sites for small hotels in Thailand are…

#10 – GTA Travel
#9 – TripConnect Instant Booking
#8 – Wotif
#7 –
#6 – Orbitz
#5 – Ctrip
#4 – Hostelworld
#3 – Expedia
#2 – Agoda
#1 –

This is the first year we’ve looked at the best hotel booking sites for Thailand, so we’ll patiently wait until next year to make our comparisons.

How can Thai small accommodation providers reach those ideal guests in 2016?

Some OTAs have access to specific markets that would be extremely difficult for you to reach otherwise.

  • To attract Deal Seekers – Alpharooms and Budgetplaces.
  • To attract Backpackers – Alpharooms, Budgetplaces, Gomio, Hostelsclub, Hostelworld, VIP Backpackers
  • To attract Business Travelers –

What are some other distribution channels that small accommodation providers in Thailand can use?

Booking sites are a great way to get more online bookings, but it doesn’t mean you should disregard other distribution channels, like…

But wait… there’s more!

Download the comprehensive report to see:

  • Most profitable sites by country
  • Complete online travel agency (OTA) profiles
  • Suggestions on OTAs to partner with according to what kind of guest you are trying to attract
  • A guide on how to screen potential OTAs


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