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3 Things That Are Bound to Strengthen Your B&B’s Reputation

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According to the latest research from the UK, guests want a specific set of experiences when they stay at a hotel or B&B.

Published on HotelOwner, this research reveals that guests are looking forward to:

  • Not having to worry about cooking or cleaning for a few days.
  • A delicious breakfast.
  • A comfortable bed where they can get a solid night’s sleep without interruption.

The research also revealed that there is one factor that deters guests more than any other: accommodation providers who fail to uphold cleanliness standards.

No one wants to feel like they are staying a place that is grimy or filthy — it immediately puts them under stress and prevents them from being able to relax and enjoy their stay.

In fact, 10% of people who leave negative reviews on online travel sites do so specifically because of poor cleaning standards at the property.

So, noting these trends and facts, it’s your job as a B&B operator to strengthen your brand’s reputation.

How can you keep your reputation strong?

Deliver value when your guests stay at your property.

By paying attention to the little details — such as offering a warm plate of cookies upon arrival — and adding extra guest services, your guests will find that they enjoy more than just a great room for the price of their stay.

Concierge services, local travel recommendations, and added amenities on your property all add value to any guest stay.

Manage your online reviews.

Your guests will be checking your reviews on the most popular review sites, such as TripAdvisor, and use them as an important resource when deciding whether or not to stay at your B&B.

As bed and breakfast manager, you should check these review sites regularly and respond to any reviews when necessary.

Thank guests who leave positive feedback about your property, and invite them to stay again. If a guest has a negative experience, respond to their review in a polite and professional manner.

Not only does this help the guest who had an issue during their stay, but it proves to other guests that you are committed to customer service.

Remember that the guest experience begins prior to their arrival at your property.

Implement a seamless online booking process in order to make a good first impression. More travelers are looking to book their rooms online, and many are beginning to prefer mobile booking options.

Make sure that your B&B not only accepts online reservations and payments, but also sends automatic confirmation e-mails, pre-stay booking information e-mails, and post-stay e-mails requesting feedback about their stay at your B&B.

This ensures that you communicate with your guests throughout the entirety of their experience.

One of the best ways to improve your guest experience is to provide them with the technology they need and want in order to enhance their stay with you.

Little Hotelier is the all-in-one business solution designed specifically for small hotel properties and independent hotel operators, including B&B owners.

For more information on Little Hotelier and to find out how it can help improve your B&B’s reputation, watch our on-demand demo videos.

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