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B&B listed on Google Hotel ads

How To list Your B&B On Google Hotel Ads

Google hotel Ads (formally known as Google Hotel Finder) connects travellers who are researching accommodation on google.com and Google maps with properties and rooms matching their search criteria. It’s a feature that is compatible with any device and allows consumers to search and book hotels without leaving Google, because Google facilitates the transaction. Why Should […]

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Email campaign gets B&B more positive reviews

How To Email Your Way To A Great B&B Review

The best way to build great reviews for your B&B is with an email campaign targeting guests after they have stayed at your property, here’s how.

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Words of Wisdom from Bluemoon Riverside Resort [B&B Superstar]

With Little Hotelier, Bluemoon Riverside Resort was able to achieve B&B success. Here’s how they did it.

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B&B reaches the right markets

How to ensure your B&B is reaching all the right markets

Distribution and marketing tactics every B&B should be using to expand their global reach and connect with the right markets.

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How To Use Your Channel Manager More Effectively At Your B&B

Investing in a channel manager is one thing. Getting the most out of it is another. Use these tips to ensure your B&B distribution is optimized.

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Events Spotlight: How to attract guests to your B&B for the Commonwealth Games

Events like the Commonwealth Games are irregular and present a great opportunity for small hotels to increase their revenue. Start planning at your B&B now.

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owning a B&B

Dreaming of owning a B&B? Answer these three important questions first…

Owning a B&B comes with a lot of pressure and responsibility. Use these three questions to determine if if it’s right for you and if you’re ready.

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Your B&B’s 2017 List Of Revenue Management Essentials

Make the most of 2017 with these revenue management essentials. Your B&B will benefit from a clear and methodical approach. Check out these tips…

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3 Urgent Questions to Ask Before Setting Your B&B Pricing

Every hotel or B&B is unique, so finding the right pricing strategy isn’t always easy. Luckily, there’s an option for everyone.

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