5 Simple Tips to Excite Guests About the Interior of Your B&B

The interior design of your B&B should make a statement about your brand, and transform the atmosphere of your property. Your design will not only make a lasting first impression, but it will impact the entire experience that guests have with your B&B.

These five tips will help your B&B amenities and B&B design make a great impression.

1. Put a Conversation Piece in the Lobby

The lobby is where your guests will begin their stay, so it needs to make a positive statement. Your lobby should be a welcoming space where guests feel relaxed and invigorated — ready to start their trip. By placing a conversation piece in the lobby, you will encourage your guests to begin interacting with the staff and with other guests in the property. A large sculpture or historical artefact would provide an interesting focal point that can lead to an instant connection between guest and accommodation.

2. Incorporate Local Art Into Your B&B Design

Your small, boutique B&B will rely heavily on the support of the local community in order to be successful. In turn, you can support other local businesses by displaying their products throughout your B&B.

Local artwork in the lobby, dining area, common rooms and throughout the guest rooms adds an authentic ambiance to your B&B, and also proves that you support the community surrounding you.

3. Use Fresh Flowers Throughout the B&B

Fresh blooms will stimulate the senses of your guests, giving them something beautiful to look at and a natural perfume to enjoy throughout the halls of your B&B. There is something calming about fresh flowers that will put your guests at ease, and will make them feel like they are welcome.

You should place fresh flowers at the front desk, within the lobby, on the dining room tables and even in the guest rooms. This is not something that most guests will expect, but they will be very impressed by this extra touch of floral beauty throughout the property.

4. Don’t Ignore the Details

Obviously, paint colors and the bedding play an important role in the overall interior design of your B&B, but sometimes the smallest details can make the biggest difference.

Rather than opting for a standard rectangular mirror in the bathroom, go for something more modern or ornate, depending on the theme of your property. Change out the lampshades, and add small decorative items to the dressers. Your guests are more likely to notice interesting details than they are to compliment you on the linen.

5. Create a Focal Point in Each Room

It’s particularly important to make each room unique and special within your B&B. Dedicate a focal point within each room at your property and allow it to dictate the rest of the room’s design. An example might be a fireplace with a renowned local masterpiece hung above it, or you may consider adding an antique armoire to the room to set the tone.

The atmosphere of your B&B will be heavily influenced by the interior design of the property, and you need to keep in mind all of your branding messages as you finalize your B&B design.

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