How to Boost Your B&B’s Wedding Bookings Online

A wedding at a bed and breakfast can be intimate, whimsical and magical — the perfect setting for a destination wedding that is like no other.

Perhaps your B&B has a picturesque garden, complete with a fountain or a gazebo, ideal for taking those iconic vows.

Maybe your chef prepares the most delectable hors d’oeuvres that can be served to guests during an outdoor cocktail hour that maximizes your scenic views.

Whatever the niche at your bed and breakfast, you need to be able to effectively promote these options to your guests so that they are aware of the experiences available at your location.

Here’s how to boost your B&B’s wedding bookings online…

Market the wedding services that you provide

For many couples, planning a destination wedding can be overwhelming because they are not in your location, making it difficult to secure vendors.

If you provide wedding services, or you have staff members who provide these services, make sure that you include those services in your wedding marketing campaigns.

For example, an on-site florist, photographer or wedding planner might convince couples to book with you over another B&B in the area!

Create a website page specifically for weddings

As you are designing your website for your bed and breakfast, you likely will include separate landing pages for different aspects of your business: Rooms, Amenities, Local Attractions, and more.

Consider creating a wedding website page. This is where you can include additional information about your price packages, as well as photographs of weddings that have taken place at your B&B.

Promote packages that are customizable, and therefore appealing to many types of couples

Every couple has their own idea of the perfect wedding. While some people are willing to invest in luxury, others opt for a simple, budget-friendly ceremony that appeals to their own interests and desires.

You should not limit yourself to a specific type of wedding. Design price packages that attract budget-friendly brides as well as top-of-the-line options for those who are willing to go the extra mile for a picture-perfect event.

The flexibility and customization options will appeal to any type of couple, regardless of their theme or budget.

Design special promotions and pricing packages for weekday weddings.

Gone are the days when all weddings took place on Friday evenings or Saturday nights. Many couples, specifically those planning a destination wedding, are interested in their weekday options.

If you have special prices available for those who book mid-week weddings, be sure to create online marketing campaigns just for those packages.

This is a great way to fill your rooms during a traditionally slow time, and also attract couples who are looking for weekday options.

Booking weddings at your property is an easy way to bring in extra guests and generate more revenue per customer. The wedding itself is a big boost in revenue, and the Extras that you offer available can add to your profits significantly.

To find out more about how Little Hotelier can help you promote weddings at your B&B, watch our on-demand demo videos.

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