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Video On Demand: [10min Masterclass] Driving direct bookings at your small hotel

Take our free Little Hotelier 10 min masterclass and learn how you can drive more direct bookings to your small property this year and beyond!

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8 Ways Your Small Hotel or B&B Can Improve Online Presence and Drive Direct Bookings

It’s more important than ever that your property makes its mark online. Here are 8 simple ways to enhance your small hotel or B&B’s online presence to increase direct bookings.

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On-Demand Video: DIY Guide To Driving Direct Bookings

How can B&B’s get more bookings directly on their website? Learn tips in this on-demand video from Little Hotelier and increase your direct reservations.

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FREE eBook: The Ultimate Online Guide for B&Bs

Master your online presence, distribution strategy & room reservations.

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FREE eBook: The Traveler’s Journey to Your B&B

Insights into the traveler’s journey to your B&B.

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What Are The Top 5 Mistakes B&Bs Make In Marketing?

Establishing an essential hotel marketing strategy means leaving these mistakes out of your plan. Here’s how to avoid them…

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How To Use Blogs And Content Marketing To Sell Your Rooms

Creating a blog for your B&B will increase the engagement of your guests and help improve traffic to your website to drive more conversions.

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How To Engage Guests On Social Media To Increase Return Stays

Social media is a powerful tool that allows you to engage broadly with your target market. Here’s how to use it to drive return business to your hotel.

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small hotel packages

3 Awesome Small Hotel Packages to Experiment With This Year

Use small hotel packages to reinvigorate your marketing strategy this year and attract more guests to book at your property.

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How to Boost Your B&B’s Wedding Bookings Online

You and a select few may know that a wedding at your B&B is magical – but how can you get the word out online so that you can get more wedding bookings? Read this post to find out.

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8 Smart Ways Your Small Hotel Can Use Text Messaging

Here are some ideas on how small hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns and guesthouses can use text messaging to effectively build relationships with guests.

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Use Instagram Contests to Make Guests Compete for Your Small Hotel

Did you know that you can not only attract guests to your small hotel, but you can make them compete for it, too? Here’s how you can use Instagram competitions to get more guests staying at your property.

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Facebook Metrics: What Your Small Hotel Should Be Tracking And Why

Social media is a massive part of your small hotel or B&B marketing strategy. Find out what metrics to measure and why they’re important.

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SEO for Bed and Breakfasts: Where to Put Your Keywords

How exactly should you be using your SEO-targeted keywords to get your bed and breakfast found online? Here are some practical tips.

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The Bleisure Travel Trend: Attracting Bleisure Guests to Your B&B

Who are ‘bleisure’ travelers, and how can you attract more of them to your bed and breakfast or small hotel?

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