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Why rate parity is so important for your B&B business

Rate parity is a topic of much discussion within the industry, so it’s important you know why and how your B&B is affected by it.

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Quick Wins to Get More Direct Bookings at Your Small Hotel [Guest Blog]

Smaller hotels should make a push for direct bookings using various strategies. Here are a couple examples.

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FREE eBook: Inventory Distribution Techniques for Your B&B

Learn how to ramp up your online distribution strategy!

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FREE eBook: How to Play the Online Channels Like A Pro – Tips for B&Bs

Insider tips on how to work with OTAs to get more bookings.

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How to Boost Bookings With Segmentation and Special Offers

Defining the target audience at your hotel is impossible to do without guest segmentation. Here’s how you can narrow your marketing strategy.

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How millennials book travel

6 Exclusive Millennial Distribution Trends for B&Bs

The millennial traveler is someone who has a huge affect on other traveler behaviour and can strongly influence the attitudes of the industry.

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FREE eBook: Mastering Your Distribution Strategy for B&Bs

Learn how to increase your reach and connect to travelers around the globe.

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What Are Hotel Price Check Widgets & Why Should You Care?

Many hotels are using price check widgets to drive direct bookings. Read this post to learn everything you need to know.

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How Can You Take Control of Online Distribution at Your B&B?

It’s easy to feel like you’re struggling to keep up with your B&B’s online distribution strategy. How can you take control to boost revenue?

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Why Your B&B Shouldn’t Be Scared of Airbnb

At the mention of Airbnb, you might shudder as you feel a sense of anxiety sweep over you. Here’s why you shouldn’t let it faze your B&B.

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BedandBreakfast.com & Little Hotelier Present: The Traveler’s Journey to You [Live Webinar]

Little Hotelier has joined forces with the BedandBreakfast.com, the world’s #1 online B&B directory, to bring you this free live webinar: The Traveler’s Journey to You.

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3 Unconventional Local Distribution Partners for B&Bs

Here are 3 not-so-obvious local businesses that you should definitely be partnering with as a way of boosting occupancy at your bed and breakfast.

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Help Travelers Find and Book Your B&B [Slides]

Check out these slides to learn some practical ideas on how to reach travelers during the planning, dreaming, booking and experiencing stages.

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Google Shakes Up Mobile & Desktop: What It Means for Small Accommodation Providers

Google has significantly changed their mobile and desktop interfaces – and it’s for a good reason. Here’s how it impacts your B&B, small hotel or inn.

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Should Your Small Hotel Sign Up to TripAdvisor Instant Booking?

TripAdvisor is rolling out its Instant Booking offering to more countries around the globe. Should your small hotel sign up? Let’s discuss.

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