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FREE eBook: How to Play the Online Channels Like A Pro – Tips for B&Bs

Insider tips on how to work with OTAs to get more bookings.

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Should Your Small Hotel Sign Up to TripAdvisor Instant Booking?

TripAdvisor is rolling out its Instant Booking offering to more countries around the globe. Should your small hotel sign up? Let’s discuss.

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Which Online Booking Sites Work Best for Small Hotels? [Slides]

Wondering which online booking sites will bring reservations to your small hotel? Flick through these slides to find out.

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The Best Booking Sites for Thai Small Accommodation Providers [Infographic]

Which booking sites should Thai small accommodation providers use to attract a fresh set of guests this year? Find out with this handy infographic.

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The Best Online Booking Sites for Small Hotels in Australia and New Zealand

Check out this infographic to learn which booking sites are most profitable for small hotels in Australia and New Zealand.

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What Airbnb’s Rapid Uptake Means for Small Accommodation Providers

Here’s what Airbnb’s increasing popularity means for small hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns and guesthouses.

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The Best Hotel Booking Sites for UK and Spanish Small Accommodation Providers [Infographic]

Which hotel booking sites are best for small hotels in the United Kingdom and Spain? Have a look at this handy infographic to find out.

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Which Online Hotel Booking Sites Should You Partner With? [Decision Tree]

Use this handy infographic to figure out which online hotel booking sites you should use to increase occupancy at your small hotel or bed and breakfast.

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The Best Hotel Booking Sites for Small Hotels in North America [Infographic]

Here’s a handy infographic on the best hotel booking sites for small hotels in the United States of America and Canada.

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What Are The Best Booking Sites for Small Hotels in 2016? [Infographic]

Which booking sites should you partner with in 2016? Find out what the most effective booking sites are for small hotels, based on what actually worked for our customers.

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Exclusive Report: The Most Profitable Booking Sites in 2016 for Small Hotels

Which booking sites should you partner with in 2016? Download this exclusive report to gain exclusive insights into which booking sites generate the most profit for small accommodation providers across the globe.

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The Evolving State of Metasearch in 2016 [Video]

Watch this video to learn how you can harness metasearch engines to drive occupancy at your small hotel.

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How to Screen Potential Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

Here’s what to look for in your OTAs, so that you can make sure you’re getting the most value (and bookings) out of the relationship.

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