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A little switch can make a big difference.

We know you’re passionate about your business, but we know you’re also more than just a hotelier.

You’re someone with a family, friends, hobbies, or travel plans of your own … how could you possibly have time for it all?

You probably switched to your tech solution because doing things manually was just too tedious. While we’re sure your current solution has helped you work more efficiently, we think we can give you even more time in your day back, with one little switch.

Work from any place, time for coffee with mates

We know your daily to-do list is always long, so you don’t have time to be stuck at your desk. Want to check in on your reservations while you’re refreshing the linen in some of the rooms? Need to edit a booking while you’re cooking breakfast for your guests? You can do just that anywhere on any mobile device, thanks to the Little Hotelier app.

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Have accessible support teams, time to plan the holiday of your dreams

We know that getting used to a new tech solution can seem a bit daunting, but that’s why we’ve made it as easy as possible for you. We’ve made sure our platform is user friendly, our set-up is quick, and you’ll have local support to help you every step of the way. And by support, we mean you can speak to a real person on the phone – no waiting for days for an email reply for our customers! Oh and did we mention we cover every continent (except Antarctica) and over 11 languages? Well, we do.

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Quickly run a report, time to learn a new sport

Technology shouldn’t just let you do more, it should let you do more, more efficiently. Being able to assess how your business is performing is crucial, but you shouldn’t need to spend hours going over tables and charts to do so. With Little Hotelier’s reporting features, you can instantly view everything from

  • guest payment details and outstanding payments
  • your revenue per channel
  • or create monthly performance reports in one simple click.
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What would you pay to have more time in your day?

Now we know that price is always a factor, and compared to some of our competition, Little Hotelier might look like it has a big price tag on it. BUT…

  • We’re actually not that much more expensive than the competition. Others may have lower monthly fees, but will have commissions, or fees for adding additional channels or account users.
  • We’re subscription based with no lock in contracts, so if you’re not happy, it’s easier to walk away. A monthly subscription is better for budgeting purposes, and will allow you to reinvest most of your revenue back into the property as you grow (instead of taking a significant chunk of it).
  • It will cost you more in the time you waste dealing with overbookings, and lost opportunities in capturing new guests. Little Hotelier has access to the industry leading channel manager, connecting you to over 400+ booking sites – more than any other provider.

By getting a property management system, integrated payments, channel manager, booking engine, and website builder, you’re investing in the success of your property. Plus, with a 30 day free trial, what do you have to lose?

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“Little Hotelier was much simpler to use compared to other systems and most importantly, not as costly! We have seen a sizeable increase in bookings once we started with Little Hotelier.”
Chris McHugh (Manager), Woodman Inn

Wish this was you? Go with the all-in-one property management system that can help you make more time for the other little things that matter.

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