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How to Remove Flaws in Your B&B’s Check-In System

Your check-in system is often the first major impression guests have of your hotel. Make sure your process is as smooth as possible to maximise return bookings.

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8 Effective Tips for Improving Your Small Hotel’s Direct Bookings

There are many ways you can drive more direct bookings at your B&B, but sometimes the best answers are the simplest ones. Here are the top tips for your small hotel.

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Free eBook: DIY Guide to Driving Direct Bookings at Your Small Hotel

Now that global third party booking sites are continuing to increase their market share, direct bookings are a greater challenge, and a bigger priority for small hotels. This eBook from Little Hotelier explores the topic.

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What is Channel Management?

What is channel management and how can it help you run your small hotel, bed and breakfast, inn or guesthouse?

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The 5 Key Benefits of Adopting an All-in-One Solution at Your Small Hotel

Here are the key benefits you can expect to experience by adopting an all-in-one solution at your small hotel.

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FREE eBook: The All-in-One Solution Explained for Small Accommodation Providers

Download this free eBook to learn about all of the components that comprise an all-in-one business solution for your small property.

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next-generation property management

What to Look for in a Next-Generation Property Management System

Is your small hotel using a next-generation property management system? If you’re thinking about upgrading, find out more in this Little Hotelier blog.

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Does It Pay To Make Your B&B Pet Friendly?

Pet-friendly accommodation is a more serious consideration than you may think. Here’s how you can cater to animal lovers at your B&B.

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Inn Reservation Systems: Requirements to Look For

Innkeepers have specific business needs that set them apart from the big hotel chains. So what should you look for when selecting the right inn reservation system?

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